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Pre-Owned Yamaha Grand Pianos

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This high-quality and highly powerful product, makes the performance of practitioners and trainers lively and exciting due to making sounds close to real instruments. One of the strengths of this product is the use of the Dynamic level action keys, in which the newest piano action key making technology is used, and is the world’s largest piano key making brand in the year 2012.

It is considered to be the highest in stimulating acoustic pianos. The beauty and elegance of unique design with the appearance of upright pianos and its classical design has added to its effect. This product also offers super easy access to microphone and headphone flash memory and tablet.

A digital piano with great features of high-quality instruments and effects is designed and made in order to provide everything you want from a digital piano. This product, with a collection of attractive orchestral instruments, inspired musicians to create musical works, so that users are encouraged to take advantage of the potential capabilities of the product to connect to the computer and tablet.
Nowadays, all trainees and trainers are looking for a sense similar to playing piano grand in digital pianos, and this piano has made this wish real. The keys that make piano techniques available to trainees and trainers can be highlighted as the great features of this product. The possibility to play half-pedals and record music with flash memory and a display screen, are among other benefits of this kind of piano.

A product with the best and most natural sounds of global musical instruments with a high quality, which is nowadays appreciated by the instructors and trainees, and has contributed to their satisfaction.

A collection of sounds of optimal volume with a great quality and natural sound is packed in 641, the hearing of which, delights everyone. The kind of piano sound is a vivid example of the world-renowned piano grands, which is recorded and incorporated by the modern technologies. Hammer and weighted action keys are other clear and prominent features of the product that are worthy of the best musicians and students. Features such as integration of two sounds with an appropriate ratio, storage capability of 5-piece music and adjusting the sensitivity of the keys are just part of the possibilities of this kind of piano. The users can use such pianos until a high professional level.

This product is in the digital piano series, which in addition to all the features of digital pianos, is also a very powerful Arranger that is also attracted by those interested in music for its capability to play various genres of music, including rock, blues, pop and modern. Playing music with it is interesting and exciting for everyone because it has a very close sound to its real sample. The range of its features and capabilities is very broad in terms of sounding and sound creating techniques. This product makes powerful and high volume sound by providing many possibilities for voice processing, which increases creativity in the performance and surprises audiences with listening to music. With this product, a fabulous development in the rhythm and sound integration of a digital piano is entered the market more powerful than the past products. Other features include a screen that gives the trainee the opportunity to see instructions in music lines and others.